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Andy is joined by Earl Anderson, who is the Director of MUFON for Southern California, they discuss; HIs own incredible upbringing that got him into UFOs Joining MUFON & how it has changed How to report a UFO sighting Most incredible cases he has investigated The future for MUFON Listener Qs Much, much more Spotify listeners can now access premium content here > Sign up to support the podcast via [] or Apple Podcast subscriptions (2 week free trial available) Please support the show sponsors; Paperlike: Ready to do more with your iPad? Head over to [] to get started If you're interested in investing in Zencastr, go to [] or click the link in my episode description below to claim your slice of the Future of Podcasting. Are you ready to earn extra income from sharing your expert opinion? Head over to [] to sign up and participate today! Zencastr Advertise - Advertise your business on this and other podcasts follow [] You can also sign up to Zencastr with 40% off for 3 months with promo code: ufopodcast at . Start recording your own podcast or meetings today! Buy the official podcast map/guide to UK UFO sightings here; Get in touch with the show; Twitter: @UFOUAPAM Facebook, YouTube & Instagram: "That UFO Podcast" YouTube: [] Email: All podcast links & associated links; [] [] [] UAPMedia.UK [] Don't forget to subscribe, like and leave a review of the show Enjoy folks! Andy

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