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Aymara's Music Poscast


Music from the Andes. Out from the depths of endless valleys, out from the peaks and glaciers of untouched mountains, out from the greenest of rainforests... this is the landscape in which, since time immemorial, the music of the Andes has been forged throughout the course of history. It is a history of tragedy and triumph.

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A charango is a musical instrument to ten cords (five cords doubled pinches) out of nylon resembling a small guitar. Following the arrival of the Spaniards to America, the natives took as a starting point the guitar to create this small instrument. After its creation, it had much influence on the Andean countries. The first charangos were built by using the carapace of armadillos of small size, called Kirkincho, like case of resonance. This practice continues although certain races of armadillos are protected. However, the use of wood for the case of resonance is increasingly frequent, best the charangos while being conceived of only one part.

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