The Over 50 Health & Wellness Podcast

The Over 50 Health & Wellness Podcast

Kevin English

Our mission is to inspire men and women in their fifties, sixties, seventies and beyond to live their strongest, healthiest, most fulfilling lives. In this podcast we share stories of amazing people who are doing just that, to help motivate you to become the healthiest version of yourself, regardless of your age.

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Welcome to another episode of The Over 50 Health & Wellness Show! In this special episode, host Kevin English, healthy aging expert and founder of The Silver Edge, takes us through an enlightening webinar on intermittent fasting. Designed specifically for men and women over 50, this episode aims to demystify the popular concept of intermittent fasting and separate fact from fiction. Join us as Kevin defines intermittent fasting, distinguishes it from prolonged fasting, and explores t...

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