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The purpose of this podcast series is to keep the members of EFC, its stakeholders, partners and as well as those broadly interested in electrical products, informed and connected. This series intends to feature technical, cultural and safety topics from the electrical community that powers our changing world.

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Electric Shock – More often than not, electrical installers are working energized. This podcast investigates some of the influences an Electrician, contractor or apprentice may have on their safety decision. 

Electro-Federation Canada's Gurvinder Chopra, VP of Standards & Regulations, and Daniela De Marco, Marketing Specialist meet with special guests from the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) and Technical Safety BC to discusses separate studies conducted which coincidentally presented similar findisngs.

Kaylyn Kretschmer is the Leader for Market Insights & Engagement at Technical Safety BC and is a behavioural scientist by training. She is interested in uncovering the root behavioural causes behind some of the key technical safety risks and hazards we see within the electrical industry, in order to help prevent them from occurring and support strong safety cultures.

Robert Mitchell is the Safety and Technical Program Advisor at Electrical Safety Authority. Robert is an Electrician by trade with over 30 years of experience in the electrical sector and has worked for ESA for 14 years in various capacities. He is passionate about safety and in the role of Safety and Technical Program Advisor Robert leads ESA’s strategic safety programs with a focus on workplace safety and aging infrastructure. Robert is driven by the vision and mission of ESA which imagines an Ontario free of electrical harms. Welcome, Kaylyn Kretschmer, Technical Safety BC & Robert Mitchell, ESA.

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