Changing the Tide

Changing the Tide

Jonathan Crabtree

Bitcoin on Lightning Network is a gravitational force. It's changing the tide towards greater freedom and prosperity (and fun) worldwide. Hosted by Jon Crabtree.

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Kgothatso Ngako is the lead catalyst at Machankura, a service on the Bitcoin and Lightning Networks that enables people in Ghana, Namibia, Tanzania, Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, Malawi, South Africa, and Zambia (so far!) to send and receive Bitcoin over cellular network protocols (GSM and USSD) using Lightning addresses.

He is not only Changing the Tide with this service but also through Exonumia Africa, his open-source initiative to translate leading Bitcoin content into native African languages.

Imagine millions of people across the continent of Africa understanding and using Bitcoin. Not on smartphones. But on feature phones that act like "hardware wallets."

This is the future Machankura is creating. And it's happening now.


Kgothatso's Twitter handle: @440UrPp

Machankura's Twitter handle: @Machankura8333

Exonumia Africa's Twitter handle: @ExonumiaAfrica

Machankura's website:

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Music: "Summer Nights" by Bobo Renthlei

Graphics: Kal Kassa

Host: Jon Crabtree

Producer: Jon Crabtree

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