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RoK Diagnostics Podcast

Robertson Klaingar

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In this enlightening episode of the RoK Diagnostics Podcast, we engage in a thought-provoking conversation with Chelsea Osayande, a first-class medical laboratory scientist from the University of Benin, currently making strides as a program analyst in Abuja, Nigeria.

We delve into the critical role of medical laboratory scientists in public health, discussing the challenges and opportunities in the field, the transition from traditional lab roles to public health, and the importance of technological integration in healthcare.

Chelsea also shares her personal journey, insights on data analysis in public health, and the potential of medical laboratory scientists in areas like vaccine development, AI, and data science.

This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in the evolving landscape of healthcare and the vital contributions of medical laboratory scientists.

Chapters: 00:00 - Introduction and Welcome 00:23 - Meet Chelsea Osayande 01:13 - Gaining Visibility in Global Health Contexts 02:06 - Scaling Laboratory Testing in African Countries 02:51 - Data Management to Policy 03:54 - Encouraging Technological Adoption in Laboratories 04:41 - Lab Scientists and Public Engagement 05:18 - The Saturated Field of Medical Laboratory Science 06:48 - Chelsea’s Career Shift From Lab to Public Health Consulting 07:57 - The Silent Voice of Lab Scientists in Health Crises 08:28 - Medical Lab Scientists: Educators in Pandemics 10:49 - Building Confidence and Visibility in Healthcare 12:09 - Medical Lab Scientists in Vaccine Production and Testing 14:08 - Effective Communication in Healthcare Sectors 16:16 - The Role of Internships and Continuous Learning in Career Development 19:21 - Day-to-Day Life in Public Health Consulting 22:30 - Learning Data Analysis and Other Skills for Lab Scientists 24:00 - The Future of Labs: Data Science and AI Integration 27:14 - Significance of Internships in Public Health 30:27 - Closing Remarks and Future Discussions in Medical Laboratory Science

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