Podigious: A Digimon Adventure 2020 Podcast

Podigious: A Digimon Adventure 2020 Podcast

Jeff, Aster, and Touya

A critically nostalgic, analytical podcast tour through the Digimon anime!

Categorias: Cine y TV

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It’s time for Ghost Game episodes 17-20! This month we dive into everything we learned (and didn’t learn) from February’s Digimon Con, then discuss Ghost Game’s worst(?) episode, creepiest episode, picklest episode, and effectively tragic episode. You can find the full show notes for this episode and leave comments at https://podigious.com/GG06/digimon-ghost-game-episodes-17-to-20.

Episodios anteriores

  • 233 - GG06. A Song of Ice, Fire, and Pickles 
    Thu, 26 May 2022
  • 232 - GG05. We Don’t Talk about Gulus (No, No, No) 
    Mon, 16 May 2022
  • 231 - GG04. Zassou Near, Yet Zassou Far 
    Sat, 05 Feb 2022
  • 230 - GG03. L'Plot'Arc~en~Ciel 
    Sun, 16 Jan 2022
  • 229 - GG02. Ruli and Hiro, Our Unruly Heroes 
    Wed, 24 Nov 2021
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