Oversharing With Rhonda

Oversharing With Rhonda

Rhonda Khan

Oversharing with Rhonda is a podcast that amplifies the voices of trailblazing women, hosted by Rhonda Khan. As a public speaking coach, speech therapist, performer, mom, and chronic oversharer, Rhonda believes the most powerful change happens when we share our journeys while being unapologetically ourselves. Tune in for candid conversations with inspiring women that will transform the way you engage with the world.

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The journey to becoming the best public speaker you can be doesn’t begin with knowing the best tools, frameworks, and strategies. None of those things matter if you don’t believe you belong in the room.  The path to knowing who you truly are and expressing yourself in an authentic way takes work. Fear and imposter syndrome will show up but with the right tools in place, you will be able to identify these narratives and navigate through them with confidence and intentionality.

In this episode, Rhonda is talking about why doing the inner work is critical to your public speaking journey. 

Rhonda gives the three steps to doing the inner work:

  • Owning who you are
  • Detaching from limiting narratives
  • Why you need to eliminate the thoughts and behaviors that don’t serve you

The doors are OPEN to the Catalyst Academy! 

Catalyst Academy is a 12 month incubator for women of color who want to grow their thought leadership through public speaking. We are already doing transformative work and are ready for you to join us. You can learn more at http://bit.ly/TheCatalystAcademyPod

Connect with Rhonda Khan

Learn more about Rhonda and how she can help amplify your voice, head over to https://www.simplyspeechsolutions.com

Follow Rhonda on Instagram at Simply Speech (@itssimplyspeech)

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