Welcome to OruOorula...Kadhai Podcast. Story telling to the Kids is part of our Tamil culture. Through stories, our parents and grand parents carried forward our cultural aspects, good habits and morality. This Podcast motive is to encourage kids listening to stories in Tamil language. This will improve the listening skills, imagination and concentration. I hope you will listen and enjoy every stories. PS: In this podcast, the modern day spoken Tamil (with some English words) is used for easy understanding of the stories. Emailto: o2kadhai@gmail.com

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இடும்பவனம் காட்டில் வாழும் மக்களும், இயற்கையும் அந்த காட்டின் அரசன் "இடும்பனுக்கு" புகட்டிய பாடம் பற்றிய கதை.

கதையின்  பொருள்: இயற்கையோடு இயைந்து வாழ்.


Idumbavanam is a story about the lesson that nature and the people living in the forest taught to Idumban, the king of that forest.

Moral: Live in harmony with nature. 

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