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A week-by-week, episode-by-episode re-watch podcast spending time with America's Favorite Radio Station: "WKRP in Cincinnati". Extensive trivia, show background, performer background, hilarious commentary and a scene by scene rundown of all 88 episodes of "WKRP in Cincinnati". Hosted by husband and wife, Allen and Donna Stare. Allen started in radio at age 15 in 1980. When he walked into his first radio station, all he knew about radio came from watching the first two seasons of "WKRP in Cincinnati." WKRP launched a fun and successful 40 year audio production and advertising career...now, it's time to talk about it!!

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Somebody needs to save The Flimm!! The owners of the landmark Osgood R. Flimm building, located in downtown Cincinnati, have decided it's time for an upgrade. The 50 year old Art-Deco structure is scheduled for demolition...according to the Registered Letter Art got in today's mail.

The gang is outraged...livid...but, hey, we're talking Real Estate Mega-bucks, so what're ya gonna do??

Bailey decides she's not going to take this lying down...or sitting still or standing by...she's a bit drunk. Her directions are a bit confused.

The Campaign to Save the Flimm is ON! WKRP is the nerve center. Bailey is in charge while Jennifer is supporting the effort with her heretofore unknown typing skills!! The lady can TYPE! (just not for Herb!!)

Will the Flimm be saved? Will Bailey pass out after her next Old Fashioned?? Will Art finally concentrate and finish an editorial?? These and more questions will be answered when you hit "play" on this edition of The WKRP-Cast!!

[Want to watch along with us? It's a blast!! We highly recommend the 'Shout Factory' boxed DVD set of the entire WKRP series. For reasons you'll have to listen to in the "Prolog"  episode, all streaming versions of the original "WKRP in Cincinnati" have had the original music cues removed. Generic music beds and stings were used in place of the original music for the syndicated version of the series. 'Shout Factory' has been able to restore an estimated 85% of all WKRP music cues to the original "as-aired" content for their DVD release. They've also restored scenes that had been cut to shorten episodes for syndication. The original eps ran 25 minutes. The syndication eps were shortened to 22 minutes. Over 88 episodes that's more than four hours of lost content, including the performance by "Detective" at the end of "Hoodlum Rock." Get the COMPLETE series...get the Shout Factory DVDs. The Shout Factory complete series box has a release date of 2014. All individual seasons of Shout Factory disks were released starting in 2015.]

The WKRP-Cast is a weekly re-watch podcast spending time with the original "WKRP in Cincinnati" which aired from 1978-82. New episodes every Tuesday. Subscribe wherever you get your podcasts. 

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