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The Buck Sexton Show

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Buck Sexton breaks down the latest headlines with a fresh and honest perspective! He speaks truth to power, and cuts through the liberal nonsense coming from the mainstream media. Interact with Buck by emailing him at

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By his own metrics, Joe Biden should not be President anymore, because when he was running he said that any President with over 200,000 deaths on his watch shouldnt be president. Biden has had over 300,000 deaths on his watch. Plus Germany has gone into a full national lockdown of the unvaxxed. The Michigan school shooter was evil, and his psycho motives are being explored, but what about Waukesha? And Biden will put remain in Mexico program back into place.  Please subscribe to the podcast! And get more exclusive content from Buck at Find Buck on: Twitter @BuckSexton   Facebook @BuckSexton  Instagram @BuckSexton  Email the Podcast: Learn more about your ad-choices at

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