Storytime Pitches

Storytime Pitches

Storytime Pitches

Join hosts Josh and Kurt as they discuss real-time storyboarding and original concept ideas for movies, television series, comics and more. You’re invited to our digital writers room! Support this podcast:

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Grab your popcorn and join us for a wild ride on this episode of Storytime Pitches! We're shaking things up and breaking away from our usual story pitching format to dive into the exciting world of "What Ifs?" We've got Supernatural, Stephen King's Christine and Maximum Overdrive, Star Wars (of course), Jurassic Park/World, and more on our radar. Get ready as we unleash our creativity and discuss how we'd take over these epic franchises and shows. So kick back, relax, and join us for an entertaining chat as we explore what could've been. This is "What If You Could Fix any Franchise or Show?"—let the brainstorming begin!

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