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Creating immersive audio experiences discussing health, bodybuilding, philosophy and total life optimisation. Relationships, supplementation, biohacking, mental framework/mindset. Life lessons so far. These are things I touch on amongst others. Buy Sol Brah Merchandise Support the show on Gumroad - Follow me on Twitter -

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The Classic Scotsman aka Murray Calcutt IFBB Pro is a fellow conscious bodybuilder on the path to share his wisdom with the world. We go deep into:

  • The Role of Genes and Epigenetics in Health
  • The BEST Motivation for Healthy Diets
  • Fighting the Spiritual War Starts with You
  • How PEDs Should Be Used
  • What Happens From Living Truthfully
  • The Deep Programming of the Self and Society

and a whole lot more...

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Picture is Alexander III of Scotland Rescued from the Fury of a Stag by the Intrepidity of Colin Fitzgerald (‘The Death of the Stag’) (1786)

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