China Rising

China Rising


Curiouscast and Global News present the second season in the “Rising” series: China Rising is an in-depth investigation into modern China and its strained relations with the West. Hosted by Global News Senior Correspondent Jeff Semple, this ten episode season investigates allegations Beijing is applying pressure and working to infiltrate the upper echelons of power in Western countries, including Canada. The Chinese government is accused of deploying a range of tactics, from disinformation to hostage diplomacy. How should Canada and its allies respond to China Rising?

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On this special bonus episode of China Rising, we’ll investigate how the biggest story in Canada-China relations finally came to a head. On Sept. 24th, a nearly three-year geopolitical stand-off over the arrest of Meng Wanzhou in Vancouver ended after the Huawei executive struck a deal with U.S. authorities. Just hours after she was released, the Canadian Prime Minister announced the ‘Two Michaels’ – Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor – were also freed and on their way home to Canada. That frantic climax sent shockwaves around the world. We’ll explore what it means for the future of Canada-China relations and witness the emotional homecoming for the ‘Two Michaels’ and their families. Contact: Twitter: @JeffSempleGN Email: See for privacy information.

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