Indian Kids- Spiritual Stories of Ancient India

Indian Kids- Spiritual Stories of Ancient India

Rochit Khandelwal

This is purely for those Indians who wish to reconnect to Ancient Indian Spiritual stories

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Many pilgrims visit Dwarka but they do not know what is the importance and history of this holy place many also do not know what are the other temples mentioned in the scriptures which they could visit and thus benefit. So I have mentioned it from Skand Puran of Gita Press. Names of all teerth in Dwarka are as follows: भ्रुगू तीर्थ या रुकमणी ह्रद, विष्णुपदोद्भव तीर्थ, मय सरोवर, गोपी सरोवर तीर्थ, ब्रह्मा कुंड, चंद्र सरोवर, इंद्र सरोवर, महादेव सरोवर, गौरी सरोवर, वरुण सरोवर, पंचनद तीर्थ, सिद्धेश्वर लिंग, ऋषि तीर्थ, गदा तीर्थ, नाग तीर्थ. Places mentioned below may not be visible as they are in sea now. So you can offer prayers from sea beach: चंद्रभागा मंदिर, चंद्राचिंता का स्थान (यशोदा और नंद महाराज की पुत्री, मुक्ति द्वार तीर्थ, भ्रुगू अर्चिता मंदिर, जागेश्वर जी का मंदिर( शिव जी का ), जरत्कारु तीर्थ, चक्रस्वामी तीर्थ।

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