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A podcast about the Chinese tech industry by Tom Xiong, Eva Xiao and Jacob Loven. Created together with RADII (, an independent media platform about today's China and its next generation. Digitally China is a bi-weekly podcast where we together with experts discuss the fascinating stories from the Chinese tech industry from a Chinese and global perspective. New trends and technology will change our world - Digitally China wants to deliver a fresh perspective on how tech will impact both our today and tomorrow. Digitally China is co-hosted by Tom Xiong (founder of the startup Move Shanghai in China), Eva Xiao (an established China-based reporter) and Jacob Lovén (10+ years experience of successful Internet companies). All the music in the episodes is licensed.

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We need your help to create Season 2 of Digitally China! Just got a few short questions for you here: As many of our loyal listeners might have felt, Digitally China has been taking a short break. But don't worry, we'll be coming back with Season 2 in no time. Throughout the 26 episodes of Season 1 we've really appreciated all the support and feedback from our fantastic listeners who have tuned in to the bi-weekly series. Thanks to this feedback, Season 2 of Digitally China will see a few changes. We will fine-tune the format a bit and use each episode to deep-dive even more into the exciting Chinese tech ecosystem. If you've listened to the “The War of a Thousand Groupons” or “From 8 to 800 Million Internet Users,” these episodes give you an idea of the direction we want to take for the new Season 2 — but we still want to hear your thoughts and ideas on what topics to cover and how we can do better.

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